Addison Sandoval


Gunwalkers is a story of tragedy and redemption that follows the devastating consequences of the U.S. Government's decision to release guns to known criminals. After his daughter is tragically killed by a violent gang, Hank, an ordinary man, is driven to take action and restore peace to the streets. But when a crazed gunman opens fire at Hank's workplace, leaving him seriously injured, it seems the fight for justice may be in vain. In a desperate attempt to avenge his daughter, Hank rallies a hardened militia to join him in tracking down the killers through the treacherous Sonoran Desert. With the help of his newfound allies, Hank embarks on a journey of justice and retribution, hoping to end the cycle of violence and restore peace to the land once and for all.

A USC Cinematic Arts graduate thesis film.

Written, Directed, and Produced by Addison Sandoval.

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Run Time
20 Min